Online Medications at Competitive Prices

Co-operative Healthcare offers competitive, low prices for online medications. Where assessments are combined with treatments then the price includes:

  • The medical assessment
  • Treatment

Importantly Co-operative Healthcare does not charge you for any medicines until you have been assessed as suitable for treatment. When you complete an assessment for a treatment service your card is charged but the money is only taken from your account if the doctor decides you are suitable for treatment. If you are not suitable for treatment you will be sent an email explaining why and your card will not be charged.

The medications available online include the oral contraceptive pills, the morning after pill or emergency contraceptive, erectile dysfunction medications including viagra, cialis or levitra and other common medications such as the anti-malaria tablets malarone and doxycycline.

All prices quoted below exclude delivery charge

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Telephone consultations

Telephone consultation Consultation length Price
Consultation with a GP Up to 20 minutes £55