High Cholesterol Treatments

Are you looking for high cholesterol treatment? We offer a fast, easy and confidential way to buy cholesterol tablets online. Take a look at our cholesterol tablet prices below. Cholesterol tablets are an effective method of reducing your cholesterol levels which also reduce the risks of heart attacks or strokes over time. We provide three types of high cholesterol treatment; Atorvastatins, Simvastatins and Rosuvastatins.

Key Facts About High Cholesterol Treatments

Some people should not take statins tablets

These include people who have the following conditions:-

  • People with a history of liver disease or high alcohol intake
  • People who are at risk of muscle toxicity including those with a previous history of muscle toxicity; a family history of muscle disorders, kidney impairment, underactive thyroid and in the elderly.
  • Women who are pregnant or who are breast feeding should not take statins

People who take any of the following medicines should not take statins:-

  • Erythromycin, azithromycin or clindamycin antibiotics
  • Fluconazole, itraconazole, posaconazole, voriconazole
  • Fibrate medicines especially gemfibrozil
  • Fusidic acid or Ciclosporin
  • Certain HIV medications

People who have had an allergic reaction or serious side-effect to any statin medication should not take statins tablets.




How to take your statins.

Take atorvastatin once daily preferably at the same time of day.

Take simvastatin at night before bed.

Take rosuvastatin once daily preferably at the same time of day.

Side effects of statins.

Side effects may include muscle effects including myalgia, myopathy, myositis and rhabdomyolysis. They can alter liver function (blood) tests and rarely cause an acute hepatitis or jaundice (yellow staining of the skin and eyes). They may cause a rise in blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) especially in those with diabetes. Other side effects include gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, depression, headache, alopecia and skin sensitivity. A full list of side effects is displayed in the drug leaflets given below.

Safety Information about High Cholesterol Treatments

Before you buy cholesterol tablets online, you should read the safety information about this treatment.

Cholesterol tablets such as Atorvastatin, Simvastatin and Rosuvastatin, effectively reduce your high cholesterol levels. However, there are some rare and uncommon side effects which could occur.

Here is some information about High Cholesterol Tablets:

  • Before you take any cholesterol tablets, make sure that you do not have grapefruit in your diet during the use of the medicine. Grapefruit can conflict with the statins tablets and make it less effective at reducing high cholesterol levels.
  • If you need to take another type of medicine whilst using the statins tablets, make sure that you consult your doctor beforehand. Some types of medicine can conflict with statins which reduce the efficacy of the drug.
Leaflet about High Cholesterol Treatments

Download leaflet

Download leaflet

Download leaflet

Alternative treatments

Reducing cholesterol by taking a statin is an effective way to reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke over time.

You do not always need to take a statin to reduce cholesterol levels. We know that the Mediterranean diet which is high in nuts, olive oil, vegetables, fruit and cereals with a moderate intake of fish and poultry and is low in red meats, dairy products and processed foods will improve the overall cholesterol and lipid levels of most people who change their eating habits to it.

Lowering intake of processed foods is especially helpful. Losing weight and reducing a high alcohol intake will also reduce total and LDL cholesterol. Stopping smoking will further reduce overall risk and adding regular exercise will help even further.

So to effectively improve your cardiovascular health lower the amount of processed foods and also total calories you eat. Stop smoking, increase exercise and reduce how much alcohol you drink.

Telling your GP

It's important that you keep your GP informed of any treatment that you are taking. During the medical assessment we ask you for the name and contact details of your GP. We can then keep your GP informed if you are happy for us to do so. But please be assured that we will not contact your GP without your consent.